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 Topical Scripture Studies!

Alive from the Center means being alive with the presence of Jesus within you. Many of us go through life looking for God before we discover that Jesus is living within us.

The video at your right explains what this website is all about. The setting is the entry to the Church of the Navity where Jesus was born in a manger. It is located in the basement of the church. Right next to Jesus birthplace is the Cave of St. Jerome who spent 40 years translating the Hebrew Scriptures (OT) into the Latin Vulgate. This is where our venture into God's Word through Topical Studies Begins—in a very fitting place.

PLEASE CLICK ON THE Picture and then the arrow.

Me Jeromes Cave.PNG
Bethlehem Israel.jpg

The place where Jesus was born. The King of the Universe began life in a stable, to serve us! 

Mt Tabor.jpeg
Mt. Tabor

The place where Jesus realized that He was to go up to Jerusalem to die for us!

Golgotha Model.jpg

The place Jesus died for us—the Day of our Salvation!

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