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 Ivan has been in the ministry over forty years, providing retreats & workshops in nine dioceses, and 100+ parishes.


Ivan holds a BS in Administrative Management & Psychology; an MA in Counseling; an MA in Religious Studies with a focus on scripture; and a Doctor of Ministry degree, with a focus on scripture. The title of his Doctoral work is: “Empowering Parents to Raise Christian Children.” He has done extensive research on effective models of family catechesis. 


A significant portion of his doctoral studies included Interfaith dialogue; Christian, Jewish and Islamic relations. A course on Christology included use of the Quran and the OT & NT, taught by Christian and Islamic professors. A review and study of the sacred writings of world religions made a significant impact.

Current & past experiences have included: 


    •    Corporate Executive: Responsible for all Corporate Administrative Offices and 1/2 of the Marketing Offices

    •    Administrator of a Retreat Center

    •    Parish Retreats, Missions & Workshops, Deacons and Wives-3 Dioceses

    •    Liaison to the Archbishop of Hartford, CT for the Charismatic Renewal

    •    Diocesan Director of Religious Education, Youth and Young Adult Ministries and Special Needs

    •    Speaker at local and national conferences

    •    Guest Speaker—Topic: Holy Spirit at Congregational, Universalist Unitarian and Buddhist gatherings


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