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Our Programs

The Power of Jesus (John 1:1-5)
The Word of God IS Jesus! God’s Word is powerful. When the Father spoke, it was His Word, Jesus, Who created the world. That power is still available to us. Jesus, the Word of Creation, can bring order out of our chaos. Isn’t it awesome that the very Word of creation wants to reside in our hearts! The Word of creation wants to have an intimate relationship with us, just as He did in the garden with Adam and Eve. The Word of creation knows every detail of our lives, and wants to participate in them with us.

A Personal Relationship with Jesus! 

Faith in the Past—I am saved! Without Faith we have no life in God. We depend on ourselves. Faith is a personal relationship with God who gives us life. It is not that I see God, but that I know God sees me—and that is good enough. Faith is a journey without maps. Faith is relying on Jesus to guide me. GPS For we walk by faith, not by sight.Yet we are courageous....(2 Corinthians 5:7-9)

Taking Jesus GPS (God's Plan of Salvation) to the World


Our Christian Faith can and should become a vital force in our world. When we live it and share it with those we meet, in our communities and the world at large, it all becomes a better place. Our Faith should drive us to be co-workers with God in bringing healing to a broken world and in working towards the completion of God's Kingdom among us. With strong faith,  we can be living witnesses to the power and love of our God in our world today.

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